Monday, April 13, 2009

Formosa Double Take

Studio 22: Concrete Rings (Taipei, Taiwan)

These beautiful and durable rings have been around for awhile. The simple concrete and stainless steel designs seem like a perfect gift for an architect... Designed by
Studio 22 (Yiting Cheng and Sean Yu) from Taiwan, these rings have made appearances at exhibitions worldwide and can be bought from sites such as designboom.

CROX: Artemide Flagship Store (Taipei, Taiwan)

Taiwan gets an Artemide Flagship Store in Downtown Taipei designed by Taiwanese firm, CROX. The Artemide brand would be great for a more and more design conscious population. I reserve judgment on the design of the store itself, however, as it's too blobular for me. Will make a point of seeing it the next time I visit. (Via Dezeen)

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