Saturday, April 25, 2009


Ciao! Tiga

Montreal's Tiga Sontag follows his 2006 Sexor album with Ciao! A diverse album that gives you a full range of what electro-pop can be.The album features collaborations with Soulwax, Gonzales, and DFA's James Murphy. The single Shoes is the most trendy and supposedly features Madonna (who wanted to remain anonymous), at least that's what all the blogs are saying. Could just be Tiga's pitched vocals. Plenty of dancy tunes on the album. Worth a listen. (Due out April 27th, 2009)
Favourites: Shoes, Beep-Beep-Beep, Luxury, Sex O'Clock, Turn The Night On

Peaches, I Feel Cream

Peaches also collaborated with Soulwax to produce her oh-so catchy new single Talk to Me. In fact for this album she ditches the guitar heavy backgrounds of previous albums for synth-driven settings. She also collaborates with Simian Mobile Disco and for the first time I think her beat-driven music on the album matches her ability with salacious and clever rhymes. Possibly her best album to date? (Due out May 4th, 2009)
Favourites: Talk To Me, Lose You (listen below), I Feel Cream, Billionaire

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  1. What is that sound? I like that sound. I love that sound.