Sunday, March 7, 2010


(Above) A scene from Chloe on Queen st. West.

Atom Egoyan has been known for his films with non-linear narratives and themes of isolation. His films are often presented with an artful manipulation of space and time to bring richness into the storytelling and where perception matters most. Atom also loves to use Toronto as the backdrop to many of his films but the familiar (to Torontonians) scenery is often transcended by the narrative itself which I find so atmospheric. The last film I saw of his, Adoration, was fascinating in this regard along with the clever use of internet video to mediate the contemporary coming-of-age experience. His most recent film Chloe, a drama thriller that explores the issues of betrayal and control contains a bigger cast and a faster-paced story. I'm also excited to see how he will make use of the Toronto backdrop in this experience. Often met with mixed reviews, this film is no exception, I'm still excited to see what Atom has done with this film.

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