Sunday, May 16, 2010


(their signature slate roof)

Our third winery is owned by a french couple who wanted something humble and close to the earth. Atamisque sits low to the ground and is hidden behind its vineyards upon approach. In comparison to the other wineries so far, its size is rather small. The same steel and oak vats are used. The building itself is always connected to its surroundings via windows throughout the fermentation chambers and cellars. The estate also features rough slate roof tiles that are at risk of flying off... We only tasted one wine, the Rosé de Atamisque, which was quite wonderful. I usually can't stand rosé wines, but this one is blended with a Malbec making it fuller and less flowery. Unfortunately nothing was available to purchase other than a Chardonnay due to a recent shipment to the US that stripped their stock. Shame. Cute place though.

(cellar towards the tasting room)

(rosé de atamisque)

(i forgot what this was, some kind of added technology on the vats... has to do with sulfites?)

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