Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Fresh fruits are abundant in Brasil. All the yuppies come to Frutaria São Paulo after their weekend jogs in Ibirapuera Park for a light healthy lunch and fresh juices, most likely açaí for its antioxidant properties. But don't miss out on the vast catalogue of tropical fruits available in the country! From figs to papaya, guava to passion fruit, no fruit is left behind!!! And get this, the restaurant has its own industrial grocery fridge to keep all their fruits in, talk about fresh! Frutaria is great also for its healthy selection of sandwiches, omelets, and burgers. Enjoying the outdoor patio, MS got the Tuna burger (with ground fresh tuna, not canned) which was delicious. I got the turkey and cottage cheese omelet which was delightful. Now if only I had gone for a jog in the park prior, it would have been perfect. ;)

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