Thursday, June 17, 2010


For our last meal in Buenos Aires, CN, SN, and I decided to enjoy one last steak dinner at Cabaña Las Lilas in Puerto Madero. Part of the Rubayait family enterprises (see A Figueira Rubayait), the steak house is wildly popular even on this particularly drab and rainy night. In fact, it gets so busy that they have an entire dining space dedicated to people waiting for a table where you can order drinks and snacks. Our wait was supposed to be 40mins but was cut down to 10 for some reason (not complaining).

The meal, like the other Rubayait restaurants, start with antipasti and end with petit fours as part of the "cubierto" or cover that you pay for. We began with a marinaded raw salmon salad, followed by a "bife de costilla" which is a rib eye with the rib part attached which comes out as a 700g (1.5 lbs) serving!!! We decided to split that between the 3 of us along with an order of lamb chops and salad. Polished it all off with the petit fours and a ristretto, CN had a Nespresso which seems to be the one kind of espresso everyone serves around here... A great way to be sent off from Buenos Aires. Until next time, Argentina, behave while we're gone!

(antipasti - red pepper, eggplant, ball of blue cheese, salmon, tomato & bocconcini)

(my "wibo cuya" cocktail)

(marinaded raw salmon salad)

(pao de queijo - yum!)

(the "master beef" - rib eye with rib attached 700g of goodness)

(salad - a welcome break)

(lamb chops)

(CN asked for some extra cow shaped tags that indicate how well your steak is done... our favourite is "estoy muy jugoso" or "I'm very juicy!" lol)

(some petit fours to finish up)

(ristretto - good espresso finally!)

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