Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After returning from Argentina, I immediately took off again to NYC before settling back down in Toronto. After an earthquake, G20 nonsense, and tornado warnings, maybe things are finally returning to normal? Between relaxing and watching the World Cup, I am slowly unpacking still! Yikes, it's been 2 weeks and there are still things in my suitcase... ew.

While doing so, I've been listening to everybody's favourite Swedish-pop artist,
Robyn's new album
Body Talk Pt 1. Seeing how she leaked almost the entire album prior to the release, it's no surprise to anyone. What I like about Robyn is her conviction when she sings, and you can feel genuine emotion (like in Every Heartbeat from prev. album).

Favs: Dancing On My Own, Fembot

Based on MS' recommendation, I've also been listening to another Swedish band, Little Dragon and their 2009 release called Machine Dreams. More atmospheric, and more upbeat than their previous album, my attempts at unpacking are interrupted by sporadic bouts of dancing in my room...

Favs: My Step, Looking Glass, Blinking Pigs
, Never Never, Runabout

My Step

Looking Glass

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