Monday, August 2, 2010


Toronto's Sugar Beach is located on the Waterfront next to Corus Entertainment and the Redpath Sugar Refinery on Corus Quay. Although set to officially open Aug. 9, people have been using it even while construction was finishing up. Make no mistake, thank heavens this "beach" has landed in the East Bayfront but while media such as Blogto, Post, or the Star are hyping it up, we felt like there should've been a little something MORE especially as it approaches opening day...

It has a very similar feel to HtO, which is not surprising since Claude Cormier Paysagistes are responsible for both. But being sugar beach, the candy-coloured sun-brellas and the candy-striped Yorkville-esque rocks were fun and fitting but not enough. We were hoping that it wouldn't just be a larger HtO! The sandbox like "beach" with its beautiful white sand was still a little lack-luster at the edge of this quay. It needs a little extra "kick", a little extra "
SWEETNESS"... perhaps a tad more colour, perhaps a water feature (like a Yorkville waterfall) would help to elevate the site and transport us from the industrial surrounding on one side and corporate complex on the other side!

Nevertheless, the fact that it's here is a great start! :) (Thanks to YY for the tip)

(peering into the Corus Entertaiment atrium)

(green mounds and candy-striped rocks)

(candy-coloured sun-brella-ellas on white sand beach)

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