Sunday, May 22, 2011


Finally made my way to Mark McEwan's most recent venture, "Fabbrica" at the shops at Don Mills, Toronto. "Fabbrica" meaning factory, is the operative word driving the rugged yet slick interiors by Giannone Petricone Associates, the post-war-Italy-inspired graphic design/branding by Concrete, and most importantly the handcrafted pizzas and pastas, among other rustic Italian fare, offered by the restaurant.

Despite mixed reviews, it seemed like our table ordered exactly all the right things. The perfectly-grilled octopus was accompanied by a tasty salad; the wood-fired funghi pizza was aromatic and light with an amazing texture; and the seafood linguine was just heaven. The meal was rounded out with a limone cagliata with mango & raspberry salad, pistachio gelato, and espressos.

Everything was flavoured just right and the hand-made-ness of the pizza and pasta made me smile! :) yum. The nay-sayers either ordered the wrong things or need to have their taste buds checked! (images via Concrete,, and CBC)

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