Saturday, March 20, 2010


Chef Thor (Thorarinn Eggertsson) visits Toronto's Drake Hotel from his own restaurant, Orange (Condé Nast Traveler's Hot Tables List 2009), in downtown Reykjavík. The LET'S GO CRAZY menu consists of a 4 course prix-fixe inspired by Orange's own unique dishes. The Taste of Iceland event runs from March 17-20 as part of Iceland Naturally's series events promoting the Nordic country in North America.

The 4 Courses are as follows:

Breakfast of Champions-
Langoustine, Jerusalem Artichokes and Pumpkin
(The langoustine was meaty, succulent, amazing.
Reminded me of the large bowl of langoustines my host-mother prepared while I was in France on exchange... Jerusalem artichoke puree and foam with pumpkin essence and cream, very tasty, but on the salty side)


Fresh Cod, Estragon Egg, Pumpernickel and Herbs

(Prepared sous-vide. The subtlety of each wave of flavour was not lost on this diner! Each dish draws you in with its initial smell! Was disappointed to find out however that the version prepared for Toronto is missing the pork belly portion that is served at Orange in Reykjavik... would've been amazing combo!!)

Rudolph Goes 2 The Olympics-

Reindeer In Pecan Nuts, Cauliflower, Root Vegetables and Madeira

(The smell was seductive. Prepared sous-vide as well, the reindeer was really good. Not too gamy. Cauliflower mash, foam, and couscous with pecan nuts. Layers of potato-au-gratin with root veggies with Madeira all over. Very pleasant)


Chocolate Duck, Vanilla and Pineapple X3

(I got really excited when I thought it was going to be chocolate AND duck... but alas, its just mousse in duck form with homemade pineapple sorbet, foam, chunks, and vanilla whipped cream flash frozen with liquid nitrogen)

The four courses were surprisingly filling. Considering the molecular gastronomy of each dish, wait time was expected... The prix-fixe was a steal considering the cost of the same dishes at the original restaurant. The Blueberry Geyser was a fun little cocktail to start the meal off with a bag of dry ice spouting smoke from your drink, certainly representative of the chef's sense of humour and creativity. Really glad I had the opportunity to try out Chef Thor's genius creations but the wait time did become a bit of a taint on the whole experience. The care put into the preparation of each dish was definitely noted.

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