Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flo // VV

Had the amazing chance to see Florence & The Machine Live @ Koolhaus on April 10th. WOW. Just fucking amazing. So much energy and her voice is even better in person. I have no idea how she maintains her voice when she's jumping around all over the place on stage. That's all for Flo, because you have to see her LIVE for yourself!!! Loves.

Flo shares the same label as another great artist, VV Brown, and they're both from UK, so I thought I'd include her too.

They're both styled meticulously which is just visually appealing, but they both have undeniable talent. I like VV because a) she's a model too! wow. b) although personally i think she has the same affinity in vocals to other UK artists as the likes of Duffy, Adele, Winehouse etc. she has her unique Caribbean parentage, 50's vibe and electro twist which I totally adore.

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