Sunday, May 9, 2010


Below is a 400g ribeye (which is a "half portion" wtf!?) and a tenderloin covered with bluecheese... the sides all come complimentary with the steaks.

Considering its rave reviews, we went to La Cabrera, a steakhouse in Palermo Soho, with high expectations. This establishment is so popular they had to open an annex location down the street from their original. Being my birthday, the 26 of us booked a good half of the restaurant at La Cabrera Norte. The restaurant certainly lived up to its hype. From chicken to pasta, to ribeye, tenderloin, and Kobe steaks, everything was perfection. Drool. Must go back. I was also pleasantly surprised by my birthday dessert, a banana flambe with a sparkling flare which I could not blow out and nearly burnt off my face! Awesome!!!

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