Tuesday, May 18, 2010


(greeted with a brut rose)

The final winery of our tour, Norton, was also the most extravagant, which is not surprising since the Swarovski (crystals) family acquired it. From the outside, the winery has the appearance of a gaudy plantation home with a ceremonial staircase surrounded by some kind of moat/water feature... we were immediately greeted in a foyer where they served us some sparkling wine before out official tour began which was a nice touch. Broken up into smaller groups we saw the vines, the fermentation chambers and the cellars, tasting the wine through 3 parts of the process including from the steel vats, barrels, and bottles. Brilliant. After the tour we dined in their restaurant La Vid. The meal was excellent and they were generous with the wines. I purchased a 2009 Bonarda (also a popular grape in the region), 2007 Malbec, and a Brut Rose. :) Thus concludes our wine tour. Happy camper.

(tasting from the steel vats)

(tasting from the barrel)

(private vintage - 1934)


(tasting from the bottle)

(restaurant la vid)

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