Saturday, May 15, 2010


O'Fournier was the first stop on our Mendoza wine tour. Like many of the other wineries on our visit, this Argentine estate is part of a family of O'Fournier wineries located across Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Upon approach, its large cantilevered canopy stands out against the backdrop of the pre-Andes mountain range. Reminds me of an evil villain's lair. We descended in the lair as the processes of fermentation to barrel-aging were shown to us. The steel, oak and cement vats, standard use in the region, was also introduced to us. We tasted a Torront├ęs (White) and a Malbec (Red) from 2009. The most mature wines available to purchase from reserve are 2004 Malbec & 2002 Blend. Due to the sulfite (or lack thereof) content of the Torront├ęs, it must remain young as it will not keep beyond 2 years. It was certainly a crowd-pleaser. And so our wine tour officially began...

(the view up top)

(steel vats)

(oak vats)

(cellar with oak barrels)

(the ostrich logo // ready for tasting!)

(let the fun begin!)

(that's one fucking handsome dining room!!!)

(can't wait to drink you!)

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