Wednesday, June 2, 2010

São Paulo: The Real Concrete Jungle

MS and I escaped for a few days Northward to São Paulo, Brasil. Trying to go from broken Spanish (Argentinian-style) to Portuguese (São Paulo-style) is no easy feat but we survived. As soon as we started heading into the city we realized how dense even the suburbs were and every building was concrete. With nearly 20 million Paulistanos in the metropolitan area, it's no wonder. This is the real concrete jungle! (as MS puts it, "New York is but a concrete garden compared to this jungle!") The disparity in the city is remarkable, the rich are ridiculously rich while the poor live in favelas on the outskirts of town. We thought is was actually quite expensive to be in São Paulo, and while there were moments that were magical, the city is more impressive as a sum than most of its individual parts. We definitely enjoyed the extensive catalogue of fresh & exotic fruits available, though! We'll meet again, São Paulo!

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