Saturday, June 12, 2010


The front door

Blurry shot of the dining room.

The last ones out. :)
Inconspicuously hidden behind a graffiti wall, Tegui is a well kept secret. The 45-seater restaurant goes to lengths to keep it that way. With a tiny signage on a little black door and NO PHOTOS allowed of the food or the interiors, it really reminds me of speak-easies'. The 5 of us had the 6-course tasting menu (with 2 being the pescatarian versions) with a bottle of wine and cocktails. The meal actually turned out to be 8 courses since they kept bringing us amuse-bouches, breads, and an extra dessert... We were the last ones out and I managed some blurry shots (it was a real mission!) I'm missing maybe 3 courses... :P Amazing price for what you get. They also have seating in the courtyard which contains banana trees. Highly Recommended and thank to CC(2) for the recommendation! Tegui - Costa Rica 5852

One of many amuse-bouche prior to our appetizers...

Bresaola with parma cheese and flecks of nuts and breadcrumbs.

Humita (corn) crème brulée. so good.

Cream of scallops with blood sausage and bacon. :)

MISSING: 1.Veal and potato, 2.cod with greens, 3.the first dessert (I forgot what it was...)

They gave us a bonus dessert too! Yum, free food.

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